Patient Flow Forecasting Models

Are you facing Market Access negotiations? Is Product Management your core? Do you need to define your future commercial organization? Forecasting based on the (future) Patient Journey is what you need. It will surely help you out in the event of a new launch or a market that is in danger of becoming disrupted.
Im Associates Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence

Our passion for data driven decisions, combined with an extensive expertise, leads to the Commercial Excellence we bring. Starting from the optimum Go-to-Market strategy, we draw the most effective Customer Engagement approach for your organization (healthcare professionals and patients). And then we suggest what kind of commercial organization best fits in.
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Imsmart Web

IM Smart

IM Smart is the most innovative Intelligence Platform for Pharma, MedTech and Healthcare. We combine data from multiple sources and create intelligent applications. We make the data tell your story in comprehensive reports and visually attractive dashboards.
Data analysis 2

Data Analyses & Science

IM Smart is a mobile platform that helps your teams to build personalized reports, interactive dashboards and data driven apps, and as such support and optimize their specific day-to-day business actions.
We Analyze
Data crunching. It might sound a bit dull, but we do it with a passion for true healthcare insights. We gather, select, interpret and analyze big market data ... tailored to your needs.
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We Advise
Let’s get to work with integrated data! Our advice goes beyond quantitative facts and figures. We advise on commercial excellence within a rapidly changing healthcare environment.
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We build
Want to guarantee consistency and accuracy of data from various sources in your datawarehouse? Or define actionable KPIs and storytelling dashboards? Looking for a performant BI platform, or flexible resources to support your internal analytics & BI team? Welcome to IM Associates.’
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We train
IM Associates takes ownership of your change process. Our support does not end with spreadsheets and presentations. We actually train healthcare professionals to put forward renewed commercial strategies.
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IM Associates is a healthcare expert with multiple competences. As a leading international solutions provider within the healthcare industry, we design services specifically tailored to your needs and targeted at bringing commercial excellence. Our consultants are all specialists in their particular field, with off-the-shelf pharma experience and a BI or IT background. We combine strong analytical skills with unseen flexibility, short time to action, a high level of involvement and project ownership. We constantly aim at result driven project implementations in close partnership with our clients. Glad to be at your service!

IM Smart

IM Smart is the most innovative data driven intelligence platform for Pharma, MedTech and Healthcare. We automatically combine data from multiple data sources to create intelligent applications with a clear story telling for an actionable impact.

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Featured service

We design patient flow enabled forecasting models that reliably reflect your future business, at any moment in time. Forecasting based on the results of a thorough market scan and visualiseized by best-in-class simulation technology. Not just raw data, but insights in the types of patients and the key dynamics that influence and generate your sales. This helps you to effectively identify critical and strategic market dynamics, to allocate marketing investments and to realistically set smart performance targets for your sales teams.

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